New Nokia Phones Releases and Its Interval

I keep watching the event where the Nokia Company will launch their latest product, their latest new nokia phones. But I wonder why some websites publish their scheduled release while the nokia site never post even a hint upon when will be the release of their newest product. Is their a leakage to the information? And contrary to the fact that some websites have no right to publish such information, the information is still accurate. I want to sight an example but because I was a coward and afraid that the owner of the site that I’m talking about will sue me, I will leave this information as is.

There is a new nokia model that was scheduled to be release last February 2011. Last August 2010, one site published that this model will be released on February 2011 while the nokia site never did until the first week of December. With this information, I could say that there is a leakage in information. As to the details on how it happened, I could not answer it and even if I know I will never do it because as I said before, I’m a coward one.