How To Make Your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer

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Extending the life of your battery can be critical, especially if you are away from where you can charge it. It you are continuously using your smartphone like me then you probably are disappointed when your battery is unexpectedly exhausted not very long after charging it! Many cell phones today don't deliver a very long battery charge out of the box whether it's an Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre or whatever you got! So here are some energy saving tips to help extend the time you get out of each charge on your phone:

·                 Decrease The Screen Brightness. In many situations, such as indoors, you don't need the brightness on your screen to be set to the highest level. Lowering the screen brightness can save a lot of precious battery juice.
·                 Go Without Those Good Vibrations. While we all may like to have vibrate mode on, it should be turned off! Vibrate mode on your phone uses a lot more power than a basic ring tone on your phone.
·                 Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Keep these services off when you are not using them so they don't needlessly suck your battery dry.
·                 Use Black Backgrounds. White is an energy intense color and uses a lot more energy than black so wherever possible use darker colors. You can even Google in black at Mobile phones with AMOLED screens have the biggest savings displaying black with some units using up to 7 times less power!
·                 Check Email As You Need It. Most modern cell phones can check email automatically at some configured schedule or have it pushed to the phone. These features can consume energy needlessly when you want you phone running the longest. Simply turn them off and check your email manually or extend the schedule to have the checks as far apart as possible.
·                 Turn The Volume Down. Only have your volume set as loud as you need it when listening to music or watching videos as the louder it is the more power it's draining your battery.
·                 Use Basic Ring Tones. The more your phone has to do the more power it is going to use doing it. Advanced ring tones may sound better but your phone will die sooner!
·                 Lower Display Timeout. Set the lowest possible timeout for your mobile phone to turn off the display after using it. Better yet, turn off the display whenever you use the phone and don't let it auto turn it off after the set period of time.
·                 Turn Off Your Phone. There may be extended times when you are away from your mobile phone or won't be answering calls and powering it down obviously saves power. You will also want to turn it off if you know you will be out of range for an extended period of time and can't get network service. Many phones consume a lot more power searching for a network connection when they are out of range.
·                 Keep Your Battery Cool. Hot heat is a battery killer causing poor performance and can even cause your battery permanent damage! Avoid leaving your phone in your car on those hot summer days.