Need Your Phone Battery to Last Longer?

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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Whether it is a Sim free mobile phone or pink mobile phones, there is tons of competition and the mobile industry has seen tremendous growth over the past 5 years. Everywhere you go, you see someone with a mobile phone connected to their ear or their thumbs are pounding away like wild on the keypad as they text their best buds. It is a wonder why and how landline phones still exist with all this new technology.
In the case of the Sim free mobile phone, users are sucked in by its availability and the many incentives that comes with it. It comes with no particular network connection or a Sim card, which makes it very popular with people who travel, people who are looking to spend less on their mobile bill, students, and teenagers.

With the growing number of teenagers needing to carry around their brand new pink mobile phones or the must have Nokia N97, battery conservation is a neglected task. Reason being, teenagers just love to play. They not only use their mobile phones for emergencies or being in contact, they use it for the games, Internet, download music, ringtones and all the other eye catching incentives that come with them. Learning and utilizing the following battery conservation techniques below will help save on the life of battery for any mobile phone out there.
Mobile Battery Conservation Tips
1. Switch off the vibrate feature - The vibrate feature is one of the more battery draining features in any mobile. It takes up more energy for a cellphone to vibrate than it does to ring.
2. Keep the volume down - Believe it or not, every sound your Sim free mobile phone makes actually drains the battery increasing with how loud it is. Stick to simple tones over MP3 samples and if at all possible, mute alerts.
3. Keep your phone charged - Charging batteries overnight and making sure to use intelligent chargers which prevent the use of unapproved chargers may help the life of the battery. Also, be sure to avoid using chargers designed for charging batteries with a different cell chemistry.
4. Stop playing - You might not want to hear this but if you use your pink mobile phones for what they were intended for - talking, this alone should help with battery conservation. Avoid, if at least limit playing games, cameras, Internet browsing and listening to music.
Having a Sim free mobile phone or any other type of mobile phone can be entertaining and in some cases, is very necessary. Doing whatever possible to assure the life of the mobile's battery is important unless you enjoy having your phone calls cut off or other functions not working properly. By following the batter conservation tips above, this should add to the shelf life of your mobile phone battery.